Chemical Advanced Materials

Functional Coatings Research

Functional Coatings is engaged in the research and development of heavy-duty coatings, by which over 10 series coating products have been developed. The products can meet the requirements of chemical engineering anticorrosion, marine anticorrosion and tank anticorrosion, such as surface-tolerant anti-acid primer and nanometer waterborne polyurea. Over 10 kinds of coating products are being developed, including high solid coating, waterborne industry coating, graphene modified zinc rich epoxy primer. The R&D team is rich in technical talents, and Member of Anticorrosion Platform of Society of Coatings & Finishing of CIESC, as well as Member of Innovation Platform of Functional Coating Materials Professional Technology of Liaoning.

  • Chemical Anticorrosion

  • Marine anticorrosion

  • Storage tank corrosion protection

  • Anti corrosion of concentrated waste tank