Chemical Industry Safety Technology & Engineering

Chemical safety technology and engineering is an important subject for industrial production from laboratory to industrialization. Since 2006, the Chemical Industry Safety Technology & Engineering Center of SYRICI has pioneered establish the platform of chemical industry safety technology & engineering and the concept of precise process has been first proposed by the center. According to the classification of chemical materials, process and run-away reaction control, the system of reaction hazard research methods, process risk assessment methods and risk control technology have been comprehensively developed.

The chemical industry safety technology has been popularized and applied since 2015 in China. The new technology has achieved technological innovations, realized profit increase, emission reduction and safety guarantee. This new technology can secure the chemical essential safety and realize precise process, fine designation and accurate production.

The center can carry out safety and process compatibility research of chemical materials, intermediates, products and rejected material; safety research of solid material dust; research of process and secondary decomposition reaction; research of decomposition dynamics and reaction dynamics; research of the hazard of chemical reaction in different runaway situations; study of emergency control measures; reaction safety risk assessment, etc. By means of chemical reaction hazard research and process risk assessment, the process safety conditions can be determined, the technical data can be provided for process design and process optimization., the successful implementation will be contributed to engineering scale-up and industrialization, the technical support will be provided for safe production, consumption reduction and emission reduction, and the safe production and green manufacturing will be realized.

·Technology Innovation Center for Inherent Safety of Chemical Process, State Administration of Work Safety (Ministry of Emergency Management)

·China National Accreditation Service for Laboratory- CNAS Lab;

·Joint Laboratory for Hazard Evaluation of Chemistry Engineering

·Key Laboratory of Chemical Reaction Hazards Study and Engineering, Liaoning Province

·Technology Innovation Center of Chemical Industry Hazard Study and Engineering, Shenyang

The center is fully equipped and perfect condition for reaction risk research, including differential scanning calorimeter, accelerating rate adiabatic calorimeter, rapid screening calorimeter, full-automatic reaction calorimeter, high pressure reaction calorimeter, ultrahigh pressure calorimeter, low-Phi accelerating rate adiabatic calorimeter, ultralow temperature reaction calorimeter, continuous flow calorimeter, microcalorimeter, Minimum ignition energy, etc.

With industrial advantages of Sinochem Group, the center has obtained vigorous support from leaders and experts in Sinochem Group, which has built an innovation team that is interdisciplinary and seasoned. All of team members hold master degree or above, including professor of engineering, senior engineer and engineer.

The center finished more than 20 projects including the 9th-five-year, the 10th-five-year and the 11th-five-year national technological projects, transformation of major scientific and technological achievements projects, international cooperative projects, important projects from Province or Ministry, and key project of Sinochem Group. The center won the second prize of national technology and invention, more than 10 awards of ministerial, provincial and municipal-level technological invention, Science and technology progress award and achievement transformation prizes; published Chemical Safety Production and Reaction Risk Assessment and Chemical Risk Control and Safety Production. The development and application of the reaction hazard research has been were highly recognized by international advanced cooperation, and strongly promoted and applied as the Guidance of Fine Chemical Reaction Safety Risk Assessment by national government.

The center will keep on following the development concept of Sinochem-"In Science We Trust " and core value of SYRICI-" Earnest, Serious & Truth" to lead the technology trend and contribute to the sustainable development of chemical industry production.