Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Industry (SYRICI),established on January 8 1949, is a comprehensive chemical research institute. Today SYRICI is a management unit of the headquarters of Sinochem Holdings.

Currently, SYRICI’s primary areas of research and industrialization projects include new industrial chemicals, eco-friendly agriculture, industrial biochemicals, chemical testing and evaluation, chemical reaction risk assessment, and waste product hazard determination.

Moving into the future, SYRICI will be living out Sinochem Holdings core value of “In Science We Trust”, conducting scientific research in the spirit of a “relentless pursuit of truth”, and diligently building a corporate culture of trust in the scientific literature. SYRICI will focus on improving capabilities that promote research and development of key widely used technologies, new product innovation, and production scaling practices that lead to profitability. SYRICI is positioning itself not only as China’s leader in the production of fine chemicals, but also to become an internationally influential technological enterprise.