Sinochem Safety Science Research (Shenyang) Co., Ltd

Sinochem Safety Science Research (Shenyang) Co., Ltd., formerly known as the center of chemical safety technology and engineering of Shenyang Chemical Research Institute of SinoChem Group, is a pioneer and leader in the field of chemical inherent safety in China. Since 2006, the company has taken the lead in the construction of chemical safety technology and engineering platform in China. The concept of precise process has been put forward for the first time. According to the classification of chemical materials, process and runaway reaction, the core technology system of systematic response risk research, risk assessment and risk control have been developed. Realize the transformation of data from nothing, and risk assessment from qualitative to quantitative, filling in the lack of chemical safety technology and methods, and laying the foundation for realizing chemical process safety and improving quality and efficiency.

The development and application of chemical reaction safety technology, acquisition and application of inherent safety data, set up a bridge for the organic combination of process, safety and engineering, and truly help enterprises in safe production and achieve technological progress in the industry. Since the start of construction in 2006, the company has provided safety technical services to more than 1,000 domestic and foreign companies, involving in Italy, Thailand and Japan, Multi-dimensional comprehensive coverage of "nitrification, oxidation, chlorination, fluorination, and hydrogenation" and other nationally regulated hazard processes,also industries such as "pharmaceuticals, pesticides, dyes and pigments, new materials and fluorine processing".Provide basic data for new product development and process design, provide technical parameters for process optimization and consumption reduction and emission reduction, and provide scientific and technological guarantee and strong support for the safe development of people and enterprises.

The five-step quantifiable risk assessment guidelines for chemical materials ignitability, possibility of runaway reaction, severity of runaway reaction, acceptable degree of risk, and degree of process risk established by the company were adopted by the state in January 5th,2017,it was promulgated and implemented (Safety Supervisory Control 3 [2017] No. 1), which was promoted and applied nationwide and achieved good results.

Sinochem Safety Science Research (Shenyang) Co., Ltd. has become an indispensable technical support unit of Ministry of Emergency Management of the People‘s Republic of China, with significant industry influence.

At present, the company is able to conduct research on static and dynamic safety of chemicals、chemical physical danger test、process development and optimization、reaction risk research and evaluation、simulation and engineering scale-up experiments. Through reaction risk research and process risk assessment, determine safe process conditions, provide technical data for process design, provide guiding parameters for process optimization, promote the smooth implementation of engineering scale-up and industrialization, and provide technology support for safe production, consumption reduction and emission reduction ,and realize safe production and green manufacturing.

·Technology Innovation Center for Inherent Safety of Chemical Process, State Administration of Work Safety (Ministry of Emergency Management)

·China National Accreditation Service for Laboratory- CNAS Lab(The only domestic research institution with a full set of CNAS accredited qualifications for carrying out reaction safety risk assessment);

·Joint Laboratory for Hazard Evaluation of Chemistry Engineering

·Key Laboratory of Chemical Reaction Hazards Study and Engineering, Liaoning Province

·Technology Innovation Center of Chemical Reaction Hazards Study and Engineering, Shenyang City

·Chemical Physical Danger Assessment Agencies , China.

·Hazardous Chemicals Emergency Rescue Testing and Identification Center, Shenyang City

The company has a four-storey research and development building with an area of more than 6,000 square meters, with international leading research equipment, such as differential scanning calorimeter, accelerating rate adiabatic calorimeter, rapid screening calorimeter, full-automatic reaction calorimeter, high pressure reaction calorimeter, ultrahigh pressure calorimeter, high temperature reaction calorimeter, low thermal inertia adiabatic accelerating calorimeter, ultralow temperature reaction calorimeter, continuous flow calorimeter, microcalorimeter, Minimum ignition energy, 20L sphere dust cloud explosion tester,Physical danger test series equipment, etc.It has analytical equipment such as HPLC high performance liquid chromatograph, gas chromatograph, moisture analyzer, and multifunctional potentiometric titrator.

The company has an innovative team with strong young and vigorous and cross-discipline of chemical process、chemical engineering、chemical safety、analysis and process design. More than 70% of the team members have master or doctoral qualifications, professional working years of more than 10 years, all have a good scientific research foundation and rich practical experience.

The company's subject leader, Professor Cheng Chunsheng, a doctoral supervisor, outstanding professional and technical personnel in the field of chemical technology and chemical safety technology in China, lead the team to innovate in the field of chemical safety technology and engineering research, fill in the lack of energy conversion and transfer technology methods in the chemical technology chain, and vigorously promote the progress of chemical safety technology.

The Company finished more than 20 projects including the 9th-five-year, the 10th-five-year and the 11th-five-year national technological projects, transformation of major scientific and technological achievements projects, international cooperative projects, important projects from Province or Ministry, and key project of Sinochem Group. The Company won the second prize of national technology and invention, more than 10 awards of ministerial, provincial and municipal-level technological invention, Science and technology progress award and achievement transformation prizes; published three monographs on "Chemical Safety Production and Reaction Risk Assessment" and "Chemical Risk Control and Safety Production" and "Fine Chemical Industry Reaction Risk and Control". The “Chemical Safety Technology and Engineering and Its Application in Green Manufacturing” project completed by the company has reached the international advanced/leading level and has outstanding influence in local and overseas. It has successively won the first prize of scientific and technological progress of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation and China National Chemical Industry Corporation.

The company will uphold the core value concept of "Science First" and the scientific spirit of "Earnest, Serious, and Truth", and take the realization of chemical inherent safety and green development as its own responsibility, open cooperation, innovative development. Contribute to the realization of precise process, fine design and accurate production.