Chemical Advanced Materials

Dyestuffs & Pigment Research

We mainly engaged in the fine chemicals research and development and industrialization study like: dyestuffs, organic pigment, intermediate, auxiliaries. In the past 60 years, the institute has provided various industrial process technologies for the national dye and pigment industry in the field of organic pigment, reactive dyes, disperse dyes, acid dyes, direct dye, vat dye, solvent dyes, fluorescent brightener, etc. The institute has undertaken important key projects from 6th five-year plan to 13th five-year plan and many provincial and municipal projects, which realized the industrial transformation. The preparative technology of the reactive dyes magma has resolved coloured wastewater discharge during the productive process of the reactive dyes and realized the zero release. This technology offered powerful technical support to the national dye industry’s healthy development. The research institute is the first to finish the organic pigment development and industrialization study of benzimidazolone pigment, azo pigment and perylene series pigment. The production technology of fluorescent brightener by the institute has always support the position in the international market.

Our emphasis is placed on research on anhydrous printing and dyeing chemicals and its applied technology, research on applied technology of logos and anti-fake products and research on applied technology of non-toxic chemicals. In the future we’ll offer special and functional products and technical service in the field of oil industry, coating industry, agrochemical industry, light textile, printing and dyeing, petroleum, etc.