Biology & Pharmaceutical

Natural Products

Specialty Introduction

The department of Natural Poducts are mainly engaged in the separation and preparation of high value-added natural product monomers,Relying on the core technologies of "Dynamic Axial Compression DAC" and "High speed countercurrent chromatography HSCCC", Variety of high-purity and large-scale monomers of traditional Chinese medicine were prepared.

The innovative technology platform for separation and preparation of natural products covers technology research and development, product development and application evaluation. Whole process research and development of target compounds (monomer and extract) composed of Extraction method, Pilot process, Mass production. Separation and purification, analysis and detection, formula analysis of natural products, complex chemicals and biological products. The efficacy and performance of natural products (monomer, extract) and biological products were evaluated.

Main business:

1. Research and development of extraction technology

2. Customization and research of natural products / traditional Chinese medicine reference materials

3. Separation and purification of Drug Impurities

4. Industrial efficient separation and purification process solutions

5. Directional and derivative synthesis of organic compounds

6. Development of organic clean process

7. Formulation design and application evaluation

8. Structure confirmation of small organic molecules

9. Analysis and detection

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