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Crop Regulation and Nutrition

Specialty Introduction

The subject is well qualified by providing research platform and research team for crop regulation and nutrition, including new drug development, product development, evaluation and testing as well as technique research. In coping with the practical difficulties and problems in agricultural production, the research team provides detailed solutions for corps regulation through researching and developing function fertilizers and microbial agents which related with more than 20 kinds of crops included corn, wheat, rice, soybean, potato, beet, alfalfa, peanut, grape, cherry, strawberry and pepper. The tests of alfalfa and beet functional fertilizer showed that the yield increased both by 15%-20%, with the protein content of alfalfa and sweetness of beet increased all by more than 5%. Functional fertilizer for corn, rice, alfalfa and beet has been achieved stable production continuously which expanded to hundreds of thousands mu and gain acceptance by customers.

Product introduction

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