Chemical Advanced Materials

The original Dyestuffs Research Institute, officially became the Research Institute of Chemical Advanced Materials in 2011. Its primary areas are research on synthesis of dyes, organic pigments, advanced materials and chemical engineering, lubricating oil, related auxiliaries and commercialization process and applications as well as R&D of intermediates and other functional fine chemicals. The institute is the largest, most complete and integrated dyestuffs research organization in China nowadays. In the past 60 years, the technical achievements of various types of dyes, organic pigments, textile dyeing and printing assistants, dye intermediates that researched and developed by SYRICI have been marketed extensively and applied in commercialized production. These have played important roles in developing the national economy and enriching material and cultural lives of the people. In recent years, the institute has promoted the technical progress and enterprise development via technical cooperation with related enterprises in China. The researches on fine materials, functional materials, lubricating oil, chemical engineering application and amplification of chemical progress, etc.