Chemical Advanced Materials

Research Institute of Chemical Materials (short for ‘Institute of Materials’) was founded in 1949. It is the earliest research institute engaged in dye of China and developed the “National Flag red" dye. It is also the first professional dye research institution in New China. It has the qualifications of National Dye Engineering Research Center and Liaoning Organic Pigment Engineering Research Center, and was the largest professional dye research institution with complete professional facilities in China. With more than 70 years of research accumulation in the field of dyeing and pigments, it has undertaken a series of national, provincial and ministerial key projects, and made outstanding contributions to the development of our country's dye industry from existence to excellence, helped dye industry growth from big to strong.

Dyeing and pigments engrave life, new materials change the future. In the 21st century, Institute of Materials has transformed from traditional dyes and pigments research to new chemical materials research, focusing on common technical fields such as functional coloring, nano dispersion, controllable polymerization, micro-reaction and catalytic separation, and building a platform for materials testing and analysis. It has developed competitive and high value-added products include functional dyes, coloring materials, adhesive materials, optical materials and elastomer materials. Also constructed the research capability of chemical process enhancement, mainly engaged in the application research of microreactor technology, loop reactor technology, static mixing reactor technology and reaction separation coupling. It has been approved as Technology Innovation Center of Micro-chemical Industry Engineering of Liaoning Province, providing technical support for the high-quality development of chemical materials industry.